Debt Recovery

These difficult times make the prompt recovery of outstanding debt vitally important for businesses and individuals. We are happy to deal with your debtor and reduce your stress. Why not contact us and see what we can do? We will be happy to provide you with a booklet outlining the debt recovery service we provide as well as our client friendly billing structure.

Before issuing proceedings we send an initial letter. This letter is short and sharp and serves many purposes:-

  1. If the debtor pays, legal fees are reduced.
  2. The debtor may respond with an offer of payment.
  3. It may help to establish whether the debtor is at a particular location.

If after initial contacts the debt remains unpaid and no agreement is in place for the repayment of the debt, we will issue proceedings. Actions for the recovery of debts are brought in one of three Courts – The District Court, Circuit Court or High Court. The amount of the debt determines the Court. We will obtain a Judgment for the amount owed together with legal costs and interest.

Having a Judgment does not guarantee payment. However once Judgment is obtained many options are available to assist in recovery of the Judgment debt. The aim of enforcement proceedings is to extract payment from the debtor. If payment is not made on foot of the Judgment there are a number of different ways to proceed to enforce the Judgment.

This may include sending the Sheriff to the debtor’s premises to seize goods. We may publish the Judgment and unpaid debt (this will affect the debtor’s credit rating and ability to obtain credit). We may summon the debtor to court for a public examination of their financial circumstances. Ultimately we may prepare a Warrant for the arrest and imprisonment of the debtor.

Should you wish to have a confidential consultation regarding your circumstances and the possibilities open to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.